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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Aug 31, 2018

Whether you are in a one-person shop or work for a large economic development group, it is important to have a strong team around you.  But how do you get everyone to speak the same language?

In this episode, Eric Canada is back to talk about his new book, Economic Development for the Team.  Go behind-the-scenes...

Aug 29, 2018

Eric Canada is a seasoned economic development professional best known for using analytics to help communities identify and solve challenges within the business community.  Eric is the CEO of Blane, Canada, Ltc. and creator of the Synchronist Suite.

Synchronist is a BRE solution designed to combine an executive call...

Aug 28, 2018

The Develop This! podcast hosts are looking for two pilot communities to host a workforce bootcamp.  This is an intense process designed to align stakeholders and create actionable strategies during a short period of time.

Aug 24, 2018

Due to a variety of factors facing the economic development industry, the trend of larger organizations serving larger regions will likely continue.  This trend is likely to mean continued consolidation or mergers among economic and community development organizations.

Many models for partnered organization exist, and...

Aug 22, 2018

There are a number of ways to make more money as a professional in the economic development business, but some methods are better than others.  In this episode, Dennis gives some tips to build the case for a raise within your current organization.