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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Oct 14, 2020

Tracye McDaniel and Jennifer Todd-Goynes with TIP Strategies join Dennis for continued discussion on equity and inclusion in this economic environment.  See below for expanded show notes.

TIP Strategies

Connect with Tracye McDaniel

Connect with Jennifer Todd-Goynes

Why are traditional economic development models inadequate?

TRADITIONAL MODEL – Focus on the community’s overall economic recovery to benefit all residents

FUTURE-FOCUSED PRACTICE – Target recovery efforts to uniquely serve and benefit under-resourced populations

  • TRADITIONAL MODEL – General relief and recovery tools are open to all residents and businesses

FUTURE-FOCUSED PRACTICE – Actions and policies are designed with under-resourced populations at the center

  • TRADIONAL MODEL – Equity and inclusion is for community and workforce development partners

FUTURE-FOCUSED PRACTICE – Equity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and has economic benefits

How can economic development organizations and community leaders apply a focus on equity and inclusion?

Two relevant case studies –

Operationalize Equity and Inclusion

BEST PRACTICE:  Resilient Tulsa Action Plan

WHAT IS IT:  An action plan that integrates equity and inclusion across core economic, workforce, and community development functions


  • Provides specific goals and actions for the City of Tulsa and its partners to implement
  • Outlines roles and responsibilities across city departments and organizations (doesn’t treat equity and inclusion as a separate function)

 Expand Broadband Access

BEST PRACTICE:  San Antonio Digital Inclusion Plan

WHAT IS IT:  Cross-sector coalition of 30+ organizations working to close the digital divide for low-income residents


  • Broadband access is increasingly central to economic success and participation in the workforce
  • COVID-19 has highlighted the consequences of the digital divide for education and employment outcomes
  • The Digital Inclusion Alliance is working to incorporate digital inclusion strategies in the City’s ED Plan