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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Apr 14, 2021

Can your organization raise money when the future is uncertain?  Should you wait for the 'right time' to launch a capital campaign?

In this episode, Jason interviews Rod Crider and Carlotta Ungaro about their experience with a campaign in Rowan County, North Carolina during the midst of the pandemic.

Rod Crider is the CEO of Rowan EDC in Salisbury, North Carolina and Carlotta Ungaro is the Senior Project Direction with Convergent Nonprofit Solutions.

Together, they led a successful campaign that launched just weeks before the world shut down in 2020.  By the way, this was the first major organizational campaign for Rowan EDC.  Rod and Carlotta  give you all the details of the campaign from start to finish.  Tune in to get insight on assessing your community's readiness for fundraising, go behind-the-scenes to learn about difficult boardroom discussions, and learn the value of having a strong partner do the heavy lifting.

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Rowan EDC

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