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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Aug 16, 2023

Aaron Brossoit – Golden Shovel

Dennis is joined by Aaron Brossoit, the CEO of Golden Shovel. In this episode, they discuss the changes in digital marketing and what the future holds as we enter the metaverse and AI takes hold

Aaron Brossoit, Chief Executive Officer, was a founding member of Golden Shovel and has been with the company since September 2009. He began as VP of Business Development and filled the COO position prior to becoming CEO. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University, Aaron co-founded a digital marketing agency in central Minnesota - a company he ran for ten years before joining GSA.

Aaron’s day-to-day responsibilities include giving presentations and traveling to different communities and industry-related events. He is also active in product and market development and planning for the future while also supporting the amazing Golden Shovel team wherever needed. His favorite project so far includes working with the PlaceVR clients who are joining us in making virtual reality a “reality” as a key tool in the economic development toolkit.

Aaron enjoys working with economic development organizations, knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of families and the vitalities of communities, especially in rural and underserved areas, where relatively few new jobs can have a massive impact on the region.

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