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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Jun 3, 2024

In this episode, Dennis is joined by Suzanne Dale Estey, Executive Director of the Washington Economic Development Association. Dennis and Suzanne preview the 2024 IEDC Future Forum and talk all things Washington State.

The 2024 Economic Future Forum will be held in Spokane, Washington, on June 16-18

The 2024 Future Forum will explore 'Transformational Economic Development' and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Expo '74, Spokane's community-changing World Fair mega-event. Discover how Spokane's innovative businesses, events, projects, technologies, and workforce talent have revolutionized communities for the better.

A sample of the Future Forum programs

  • Unlocking Inclusive Energy Opportunities
  • Community Buy-In, Circular Economy, and Zero Waste Strategies
  • Putting CHIPS Act Dollars to Work
  • Cultural Vibrancy & Creative Entrepreneurship
  • The Community Placemaking Roundtable
  • The Interdisciplinary Think-tank
  • Breaking Down Creative Economy Data
  • AI's Influence on the Modern Workforce
  • Local Libraries as Entrepreneurship Incubators
  • Conservation, Ecotourism, and Rural Prosperity
  • Reactivating Art in Your Community

Explore the 'Capital of the Intermountain Northwest,' with a diverse economy serving nearly 2 million people. The area boasts a thriving labor market and is a hub for healthcare, transportation, clean energy, education, and recreation.

Learn how Spokane balances population growth, conservation, and innovative industries while still maintaining a flourishing downtown where more than half of the buildings are on the Historic Register.

Discover how Spokane became the smallest city ever to host the World's Fair and the first to present an environmentally-themed exhibition in 1972.