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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Jul 10, 2024

Dennis is joined by Will Baggett, an author, motivational speaker, and authority on personal branding, body language, and soft skills leadership. A self-described "speaker snob," Dennis was blown away when he heard Will give a presentation at the IEDC Leadership Conference. Dennis and Will discuss how to find your North Star and exercise your leadership muscle. 

Will Baggett, former operations manager for the College Football Playoff, is an award-winning major events professional, former strength coach, and dynamic speaker. In early 2020, the White House recognized Will for outstanding communications and service to the President of the United States.

Will has also helped produce events such as the Super Bowl, Final Four, and a host of college football bowl games. Over his six-year coaching career, Will helped produce 19 NFL draft picks, including two first-round picks.

The Blueprint for a Successful Career, Will’s first book, was released in 2017 to widespread acclaim and has been added to the curriculum at six nationally accredited universities. He began speaking in 2017 and has since delivered over 250 keynotes, inspiring over 50,000 people across multigenerational workplaces in both the public and private sectors.

Will is considered to be the undisputed authority in personal branding, body language, and soft skills leadership, resulting in a 98.13% approval rating across all his speeches.

Will is highly regarded as the most interactive speaker in the country. He leverages his unique INFJ personality and quick wit to leave teams more inspired and connected than ever before.

Will, also a part-time actor, has appeared in national commercials for the PGA Tour, Coors Light, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Southwest Airlines, and VistaPrint.

 Check out Will's new book, Hues of Hope.