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Develop This: Economic and Community Development

Mar 3, 2021

Are you envious of great public speakers?  Are they simply born with the natural gift to entertain audiences?

In this episode, Dennis chats with Dr. Adam Sharples Brooks, director of The Speaking Studio at the University of Alabama.  Tune in to learn some tips and tricks of the trade to become a better speaker.

About Dr. Adam Sharples Brooks

Dr. Adam Sharples Brooks is a nationally renowned public speaker with a Ph.D in Communication and Information Sciences, an M.A. in Communication Studies, and a background in Public Relations. His research focuses on rhetoric in the areas of diversity, identity, and cultural studies. As the current Assistant Director of the Public Speaking Program at The University of Alabama, Adam oversees The Speaking Studio with a mission to help clients clarify and craft effective messages, cultivate dynamic delivery, and calm public speaking anxiety. Over the course of his career Adam has coached numerous public speakers to national acclaim and is an expert in the areas of diversity and communication, public speaking delivery, popular culture, and mass communication.

More About The Speaking Studio